Mission Statement

IAD Rail Systems provides whole-life, cost effective solutions for demanding high integrity rail applications requiring safety related and safety-critical equipment. The division has extensive experience in the design, integration, qualification and manufacture of equipment in which reliability, availability, maintainability and safety are standard entry level requirements. The goal is to exceed customer expectations in terms of responsiveness, and adding value beyond price competitiveness.

High Integrity Actuation for Rail Applications

As an operating division of Claverham Limited, the IAD Rail Systems business, centres on the creation of actuation systems and associated products for the rail and defence markets. Drawing on specialist knowledge of safety-critical, high-reliability aerospace practice available within its sister operations, the division has developed rail products which offer particular benefits. These include techniques which preserve safety levels in the event of gradual or perhaps sudden loss of function, and integral design features which provide sustained performance over extended operating times, including high long term reliability in the working environment. IAD Rail Systems develop actuation equipment from concept through to production incorporating RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability, safety) philosophy as an integral part of the design process.

High Performance Switch System (HPSS)

Working in collaboration with its customers, IAD Rail Systems has developed a next generation electrically operated HPSS. The HPSS incorporates a number of innovative features, notably the most up to date, reliable, actuation, locking and detection technologies available. These are integrated with proven in-sleeper mounted torsional back-drives, and the latest enhanced trackwork features. The result is a highly reliable, robust, low maintenance, low through-life cost switch and crossing system. HPSS has successfully undergone extensive testing and trials during a seven year development programme. It has now gained product safety acceptance certification, and has received product acceptance from Network Rail. Some 600 systems have already been supplied installed throughut the UK Rail Network.

PowerLink Backdrive

Following extensive experience of switch and crossing actuation through their involvement with the introduction of HPSA onto new and older generations of special trackwork, IAD have gained detailed understanding of the nature and problems associated with reliable switch rail movement. This experience and mathematical analysis has led to the development of a high efficiency backdrive in which the mechanical advantage of the system is optimised to suit different lengths of switch. The use of high efficiency bearings and elimination of backlash losses through use of swinging links ensures the maximum drive gets to where it is most needed. IAD's PowerLink Backdrive is the most efficient in-bearer design in use today. Following analysis by respected Rail Consultant Engineers and extensive trials in some of the busiest rail junctions in Europe, PowerLink has gained product acceptance for UK installations. Over 550 systems are already installed. Including essential junctions into the new St. Pancras Station on the new Channel Tunnel Route, on the West Coast Mainline and on the busy Central London Network Routes, work is in hand to upgrade all existing in-bearer backdrives to this standard.

High Performance Switch Systems (HPSS)

Switch and crossings when actuated, detected and locked by IAD's HPSA in-bearer point machine and integrated with backdrives to demonstrate full compliance with stipulated detection criteria are referred to generically as High Performance Switch Systems. Through the integration process, the correct number and position of drives and detectors can be established to ensure the most reliable performance and safe obstruction detection. Taking this system approach to integration ensures the right number of supplementary detectors are used on each particular switch geometry.